Get Involved

Volunteer – PPAMT volunteers serve in a wide range of capacities; including on the phone, knocking on doors, on campuses, online and throughout Montana.

Share your Story – Would you like to share how Planned Parenthood has impacted you? Sharing stories is a powerful tool that can be used to win the hearts and minds of candidates.

Donate – Your support is critically important this year as we prepare for upcoming elections. Your donation will engage volunteers, advocates, and voters across the state.

  • Mail a donation to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana PAC, 1116 Grand Ave, Suite 201, Billings, MT 59102-4282
  • Click here to donate online –  DONATE

If you have questions about donating please contact Christina Roberts, Development Manager, at or 406-830-3491.

Vote – Now it’s time to hold politicians accountable and elect leaders who promote access to reproductive health care and advocate for policies and programs that help women and their families. Register to vote, commit to voting in November and every election afterwards and encourage your friends and family who defend reproductive rights to vote.

Click here for to print off voter registration or to check if you’re registered to vote: